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Cloud hosting

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Cloud hosting

One of the major advantages of OC EventManager is that it is a web-based solution, which gives you the flexibility to access your system from anywhere, using the internet.

OC EventManager is hosted in a secured production environment at a scandinavian industry leader. Security is assured by a three-pronged approach – physical, operational, and system security – using the very latest technology. Maximum protection is our priority, which means that your data is safe at all times.

  • Your database is held in its own file, with nightly back-up. Your database cannot be shared with other customers
  • An additional journaling system, also backed-up nightly, ensures that up-to-the-last-second restoration can take place if required, so that no changes can be lost from your database
  • Password protection and the highest level of encryption prevent unauthorized access to your data
  • 128-bit SSL encryption is used for data transfer and communications between the browser and the data/application server
  • We take all reasonable steps on behalf of our customers to ensure that all personal data held is kept secure against unauthorized access, loss or destruction

OC Cloud

Prod 2 environment yes Yes Yes
Production 1 environment No Yes Yes
Dual production1 environment No No Yes
Traffic included 33 GB 164 GB 330 GB
Storage & backup included 1 GB 10 GB 20 GB
SaaS per month* 990 5 990 19 990
Setup 0 10 000 60 000
Additional 33 GB traffic 100 50 20
Additional 1GB Storage & backup 100 50 20
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