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Interactivity and user engagement - 2 key elements for learning and keeping participants satisfied

The Gamification module is a secure web-app and an engaging interactive user experience, and best of all it's easily to setup. Get the users started by sending personal solution links on SMS. The user clicks it and it's game on. You will be amazed about how flexible it is, how much power it pocesses and how versatile the software is.

All interactions generate points to create virtual rewards and competition between participants and Teams (participant groups).
All user interaction can be presented on large sceen displays with a display controller and moderator capabilities.
All you need is a browser. 

The gamification app includes the following features:

  • Agenda / Course overview
  • Detailed Session / Course information
  • Welcome pages
  • Personal profile
  • Friends overview 
  • Tickets
  • Rating
  • Comments
  • Questions
  • Voting
  • Quiz
  • Seeker games
  • Social interactions
  • Bonus points
  • Scoreboard
  • Display-controller and moderator capabilities


The solution is very flexible and it is only your imagination that limits what you can do. 


Gamification is the use of game thinking and game mechanics in non-game contexts to engage users in solving problems. Gamification drives behavioral changes.

Login page

If the users for some reason is logged out, they can login directly into the admin gamification interface with username and password.

The gamification application is found:

On a seperate domain:
As a test url:


Welcome page

Add a welcome message and a teaser video to set the right focus before people get started.

Ticket page

My ticket page contains your ticket for the current event. The booking reference is also listed here for your convenience.

Agenda / Course overview

Easily create an online mobile agenda for your event, conference or e-learning session and add interactive elements to each agenda item. In order for participants to access the mobile agenda, users must be registered as participants.

Participants can be identified in three different ways: 

  • Automatic login with Facebook connect 
  • Manual registration of names and e-mail
  • Automatic login via personal links sent via sms / e-mail


Display rating to an agenda item to evaluate a speaker, e-learning course, dinner etc. on a scale from 1 to 5 stars. Rating can be turned on or off for each agenda item.


Display comments so participants can comment and like, or dislike, other's comments. All the various functionalities can be activated / deactivated by the organizers. In addition, there is also moderator functionality for removing unwanted activity.


Add questions to an agenda item and participants can ask direct questions to a speaker or during a training course. 


The "Voting" module is a versatile tool for conducting polls. Add text, or text and image, in the vote selection. All voting results can easily be shown online through the display-controller and a web browser.


The "Quiz"-module allows you to evaluate participants and employees' skills by asking questions with answers. With the option of limiting the time participants have to answer the question, this module is often used to evaluate participants' skills.

Seeker game

The "Seeker" game module provides access to competition elements for individual participants or groups of participants. The competitions can consist of questions and answers, or digital treasure hunt with pictures (map). The solution is often used to create enthusiasm or contests during an event. 


Use the social module to create engagement and connect participants closer together.


The app's scoreboard provides list of the participants with the highest scores based on interactions.

Bonus points

As the organizer, you decide how many points each interaction in all the modules gives. You can also give bonus points to selected participants.

Display controller and live

Comments, questions, ratings, voting and scoreboards can easily be displayed on large or small screens during a lecture or an event. The organizers have several viewing options to choose from and controls what is to be displayed. The solution is based on the projection of a standard web browser and requires minimal equipment. The organizer may moderate the comments and questions that are displayed.

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