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The Communicator a full-featured booking, CRM and communication platform. It comes with features that improve efficiency, reduce human errors and engage and impress your participants with 1:1 communication. Create user engagement flows that the users don't expect and you’ll be on the path to your digital success!

Whether you're holding a private corporate meeting, a professional networking event or conducting a CRM campaign, OC Event Manager provides you with the tools you need to make your gathering or campaign a success.
Easily set up events, campaigns or invitation-only seminars — and spread the word through social media, search engines and targeted SEM promotion. We're proud to offer our platform combining 1:1 communication and professional event registration.

  • Booking & CRM database
  • Event/campaign specific participant profiles
  • E-mail and sms communication (mass or individually)
  • Scheduled 1:1 communication (based on keywords)
  • Registration - and feedback form (Formbuilder)
  • Private data storeage per user 
  • Ticketing (distribution of tickets) 
  • Admittance / check-in solution
  • Badge printing
  • Partner scanning of badges for expos 
  • Payment integration
  • Import and export all data to excel

Communicator features

Booking and CRM database

OC Event Manager containes a shared user database for all your events. With the core userdata (Firstname Lastname, E-mail, Mobile number) always updated to avoid the hassle of updating old participants info, when creating new events with your recurring customers. In addition, you gather additional userdata (participant profiles) for each event or campaign. These additional userdata fields can be editable for participants or limited for editing to event organizers.


Targeted communication on sms and e-mail

Use the included templates or the editor interface to build keyword based communication.
Send 1:1
targeted template based e-mail and sms' by inserting variables from the users profile.
You can use all gathered user data from import or forms in your communication.

Schedule all communications as the solution sends on a specific date and time. 

Utilize the automated triggered communications to build a communication sequence
Booking confirmation (user filled the registration/booking form)
Check in Confirmation (user admitted in the door)
Feedback confirmation (user fills out the registration form)

Or just follow process based communication interface to keep an overview over the booking process Invitation - Reminder - Confirmation - Registered - Checked in - Not Checked in - Check in Confirmation - Feedback Confirmation - Will not attend - All users  Send out personal links that logs in the user. All the links sent is personal and token based to log the user in.

Ticketing and participant admission

Send personalized e-mail or SMS with QR-coded tickets to the participants. Admit / check in your attandees with our Ticket scanner (mobile APP - iOS and Android) or badgeprinter software (PC/Mac).

Print a guest list or use our free ticketing manager to scan QR tickets.


Create customized online registration forms with your logo, design and custom fields through a userfriendly interface. 
The formbuilder can also be used to collect participants or CRM-user information, job application forms or any other information.

Form elements can consist of text, single or multiple choice, payable items, database lookup and more.  


Collect registrations and sell tickets on desktop and mobile devices.

OC Eventmanager is easily integrated with Paypal or other payment solutions for fast and easy payment setups.

Import and export of user data

Import of users can easily be acheived through the excel import functionality. All userdata and booking-/CRM-data for each user can be exported, edited and then be imported again.  

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