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How OC EventManager works

The OC EventManager reaches your target audience immediately and keeps their attention. Web presence, communication and gamified user interaction are key elements.

The system provides you with a complete new onboarding model for attendiees / clients and helps you collect client data. Easily build up your web presence to spread information and gain traffic from the search engines!

Set a clear "call to action" for what you want to accomplish!

Register for a event, conferance, seminar, meeting or an expo
Buy tickets or a service
Join a gamification event 
Run a e-learning session 
Deliver a job application
Take a test
Request access to a intranet solution   

You build your own specific communication process and interactive user workflow.  
Your clients are onboarded through a link on a website, e-mail or sms.

Start the journey for your sustainable web presence today.
Get started now!

The bundle

OC EventManager is a bundled software consisting of 3 parts:

Sitebuilder, Communicator and Gamification
See full overview 

OC EventManager is a modular software as a service hosted from our cloud environment OC Cloud.
It is purchased on a monthly licence + user fees, based on the different options (Basic, Enterprise, Pro, Pro+).
 See the full price list

Build your web presence!

OC EventManager solutions are built up by your knowledge and creativity, we just give you the building-blocks to build your own digital presence.

Start up with a couple of those internal sites you always wanted:
- Public website for your company (Internet)
- Private website for your company (Intranet)
- Clients website for your company (Extranet) 

Then build:
- Public or private websites for your or your clients events or happenings
- Public or private courses or e-learning sites for you or your clients (Intranet)
And the real magic is that it is all real responsive, multilingual and SEO optimized. Inform about the event: Give potential participants an online peak view of your event agenda, activities and key benefits with a userfriendly and scalable web site builder.

Build your audience and network!

An "event" is just a happening in time and can be used for whatever you want.

It could be as easy as setting up some communication and user interaction for your next monday meeting.

Build up a small communication plan on how you want to run the event, so you can automate the Communication process.

- Create a customizable online registration form with your logo, design and custom fields through a userfriendly interface.
- Setup the mails and sms´s: (Typically)
• invitation 
• reminder 1 • reminder 2 • reminder 3
• confirmation mail
• registred user mail 1 • registred user mail 2

Set them to time and they will automatically be sent:
friday 12.00 - Send E-mail invitation
friday 15.00 - Send E-mail reminder 1 to those who havent responded by now!
friday 16.00 - Send SMS reminder 2 to those who havent responded by now!
friday 17.00 - Send SMS reminder 3 to those who havent responded by now! - "Last chance registration closes in 60 min!"
friday 18.00 - Registration closed
monday 07.30 - Send registred user mail 1 with personal links links to: The gamification plaform: "Dear the monday meeting starts at 09:00 - here is the digital agend and some games you should do before you come". 

monday 10.00 - Send registred user mail 2 "Dear the monday meeting is over we hope you can spend 2 minuttes helping us improve it!".

Create a mobile agenda and gamification!

Get your audience involved by including them interactively. Games through their mobile devices will engage and inspire.

Setup a detailed mobile agenda: Enrich user experience before, under and after an event or e-learning activity with a detailed mobile fitted overview over agenda items, speaker details and general tasks.

Create enthusiasm and involvement: Add interaction elements to agenda items to get participant invovement through comments, questions, rating, voting, seeker games, quiz, social interactions scoreboards and more.

Virtual rewards: Create virtual rewards by adding point to user interactions for teams or individuals. 

Present interactions on live scoreboard!

Display live interactions: Create a buz and present live scoreboards, comments, questions and voting during an event or e-learning session.

Monitor live interactions: Display only monitored content in live presentations.

Collect feedback and analyze event

Get feedback: Create feedback forms to collect participant or CRM user information, job application forms or any other information with the customizable form builder.

Analyze event succsess: Export all event participant information and analyze data in your own preferred analytical software. 

Analyze with Google Analytics: Set up Google Analytics to get a complete overview over all online activities for sitebuilder and the gamification plattform. 

Step 2

Start on more advanced setups and accelerate you business.

Get the word out: E-mail personalized invitations to your full contact lists. Keep your event private, or automatically list your public events on search engines.

Share in social media: Increase your turnout by letting attendees promote your event on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to their friends and network.

Track your attendance: See how many people are coming to your event, view your ticket and registration sales, and ramp up your promotional activity as needed.

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