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Why use OC EventManager?

Make your planning, communication, distribution and execution of projects more efficient!

OC EventManager is built to extend your creativity and revenue stream from digital channels.

Save managment resources by using one single platform for all your needs.
Increase your revenue by create engaging products for yourself or your clients.
Control how and when users follow your gameplan (started in 60 seconds).
Build up a repeating client base who will enjoy your products and services.
Get higher return on investment for you or your clients' event, ticketing or e-learning setups.
Easy to learn and customize.
No entry costs.

We’re confident that OC EventManger, has all the features you’d expect - and a few more...

...take control of your digital projects and your deserved reach by getting started today!

What can OC EventManager do for you?

Every user expects the second move, but very few expect the 5th.

The OC EventManager includes modules for distribution, interactive communication, ticketing and game-interaction (gamification). This gives you the power of planning and executing a users journey through your different projects. Combining the modules in different ways, provides you with the opportunity to build thousands of different user flows and goal completions in the system. The gamified user experience gives you the desiered viral effect that increase the learning, and engagement of the user.

Will you benefit using OC EventManager?

Put simply; if you manage digital projects on a regular basis, the answer is YES!

We have a wide range of clients, from event management agencies to financial institutions, creating and managing events and e-learning of every type and size.

What all our clients have in common, is the desire to build better user experiences for all involved parties. This provides the foundation for a higher return on investment and future growth for their businesses.

We help companies of all shapes and sizes, from a wide range of industry verticals:

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