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Event management companies

If you own or work in an event management company, you’ll know all about the stresses and strains of this fast paced, demanding environment of the event industry. OC EventManager offers you flexibility at your fingertips.

With so many different types and sizes of events to manage and where not two events are exactly alike, you need a very versatile event management system to cope with every situation.

OC EventManager offers you that flexibility at your fingertips.

Put together workflows and custom packages, that can meet the varied and complex requirements of the events you are managing.

From branded websites to booking, communication and interactive participant games and interactions.

OC EventManager provides all the tools you need in one place, which reduces administration and routine tasks, so you can stay focused on satisfying your client's demands.

How will OC EventManager help you managing events

Managing events online or onsite. Quickly and easily create branded:

• Websites
• Registration forms
• Ticketing setups
• Automated communication flows (E-mail/SMS)

• Badge printing (Printing participant badges)
• Partner scanning (Let exhibitors scan participants)

• 1:1 Participant communications (E-mail/SMS)
• Mobile - Interactive agendas / programs
• Mobile - Interactive participant games (Gamification)  
• Mobile - Interactive participant interactions

• Feedback forms
• Produce and share reports with your clients using real time data

Managing the team and 3rd parties

• Improves efficiency and productivity (run internal workforce communication as a seperate event)
• Restrict administration access to features and functions on a “need to know” basis
• Give administration access to 3rd parties to keep images and videos from the event flow to the website 
• Export and import “User private data” to let your subcontractors fill it with data: hotel room, flight details, table numbers, seating details and so on

The technology

• Built on leading enterprise-class, connected application architecture 
• Data is secure, auditable and privacy protected
• Integrates with existing internal systems
• Development available for client specific requirements
• Strong track record of successful and stress-free implementations

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