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Filling your seats and then doing it again is probably your biggest challenge when it comes to your arena. Win or loose, your audience should leave your arena wanting to come back. Engaging them in interactive communication and games during your event, can take care of that.

Whether it's a sports game, a concert or a ballet - the OC EventManager can help boost communication to your audience before-, during- and/or after your event. Sure, it may not be appealing to you to communicate with your audience during a ballet, but it can be very helpful to get some feedpack from them right after the show is over.

During a sports game, however, with breaks and half time, engaging the audience to part take in interactive games with results being displayed on the big screen, can boost interest in the winning, as well as losing, fan.

The return on investment is in keeping your audience interacted, interested and happy. This, in turn, will fill your empty seats - or make you invest in new ones.

How will OC EventManager help you?

Managing events

  • Reduce administration and routine tasks, saving time and frustration
  • Quickly and easily create branded websites and emails
  • Produce and share reports using real time data
  • Manage every type of event within one versatile system
  • Supported by our friendly team of product and technical specialists


Managing the team

  • Improves efficiency and productivity
  • Provides a clear line of sight into and across events and business units
  • Restrict access to features and functions on a “need to know” basis
  • Integrates with internal systems for seamless information transfer
  • Provides detailed reports that improve control and increase event success


Managing the technology

  • Built on leading enterprise-class, connected application architecture
  • Data is secure, auditable and privacy protected
  • Integrates with existing internal systems
  • Bespoke development available for client specific requirements
  • Strong track record of successful and stress-free implementations


Managing the operations

  • Provides in depth, real time reporting
  • Allows consistent branding across all event communications
  • Increases engagement through high quality, SEO optimised websites and Social Media integration
  • Ensures that delegates find registration to be pleasant, quick and easy, leading to improved attendance
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