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Partner Program

We are looking to increase our distribution, and if you are interested in adding OC EventManager to your product range or even adjust your business to only sell, distribute and support the software, we would recomend that you fill the form.

If you have the right network, the right skills and the right knowledge the OC Partner Program can be the business deal of the century, opening up new business opportunities for you and your company.

We will provide you with the tools necessary to succeed in the growing Onboarding, Elearning, Onsite &   online Training or combined programs, Onsite events social bisiness network and CRM market Automation.

If you become a Partner, you will receive the immediate benefit of our support and marketing efforts currently in place.

Additionally, the OC EventManager team is always available to support you 247365 (Twenty-four seven, three hundred and sixty-five days a year. 

Supplying you with technical support and market knowledge.

Fill out the form to see if you qualify.

We want o build up 6 Global hubs consisting of our Top Level Partners

• Africa
• Asia
• Australia
• Europe
• North America
• South America

And one or multiple Country Partners
- 240 Countries is listed.

You can still become a partner even  if your country is listed.


OC Partner program

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Tyoe of business are you currently conducting
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